Elements of Family Worship

There are three primary elements that, if implemented, you will find helpful in keeping your times of family worship focused and profitable – those are; Reading God’s Word, Singing Hymns and Spiritual Songs & Praying.

Reading God’s Word:  Keep the Word of God at the center of your times of family worship.  The Bible is God’s special (or specific) revelation of Himself to His people.  We primarily focus on God through His Word, the Bible…so we want that to be the foundation of all that we do in family worship.

You might plan to read through the Gospels together…maybe a chapter at a time, or even just a section of a chapter each day…either way, simply work your way through the Gospels, verse by verse from beginning to end, sharing comments, observations and insights as the Spirit leads you.

You might also consider reading the book of Acts for adventurous reflection on the activities and growth of the early church or you might begin in the Book of Genesis or you might want to mine the treasures of the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs.

Whichever passages of Scripture that you read, each time you gather for family worship do just that…read.  It will be the means by which you and your family are able to focus on God and thus respond to Him in worship.

Singing Spiritual SongsSing together the truths of Scripture.  This will serve both as a means of additional reflection upon God, reinforcing what you are reading in His Word, and it will be a vehicle by which your family will be able to express together praise and thanksgiving to God.

You might sing a cappella, or use recorded music or if someone in the family plays an instrument, they could accompany the singing.

Praying Together:  Make prayer a daily element of your family worship time.  It will be a great blessing to your children as they hear you hallow God’s name, praising Him and bringing family petitions before Him.  It will serve to build and strengthen their faith and give occasion for worship and the return of thanks as they see God answer family prayers.

Father’s you might lead in prayer or sometimes invite everyone to pray.  Let the Scriptures that you are reading on any given day guide your prayer.  Pray regularly for God’s grace and favor upon your home and for the salvation of all therein.

May God be glorified and His blessing be upon you as you daily Read His Word, Sing “Spiritual Songs” and Pray Together in family worship.